Baidu H beat Tencent QQ Unofficial version of ACE and QQ interworking

Baidu recently made by a IM of the IM scandal, now known as the "Baidu HI", a lot of people of Baidu products with great enthusiasm, because Baidu products in a fast, stable, user oriented demand-oriented. But im this thing is a very high user stickiness, unless cannot but, QQ users are accustomed to not use the Baidu HI. Many of my friends will leave QQ, I said that more than a dozen relatives, classmates, colleagues dozens of hundreds of users can do? As a $about 20000000000 company, Tencent will not let users themselves "cannot but" errors, so Baidu HI really have QQ beyond ambition, must interworking with QQ.

previously appeared in some interworking with QQ IM products, but because the risk is too high, is a small company, big horse words pain from interference, so Baidu HI can not use technical means to make its official communication with QQ. The first thing to do is to get Baidu HI a programming interface, open to the technical staff, the enthusiasm of the Internet will enable Baidu HI not only can interworking with QQ, but also with MSN and Ali Wangwang IM interworking certain market share, it will be the largest QQ a shazhao.

The second thing to do is Baidu

HI with a free HI show, QQ show, this thing is really fun, I have been so mature old horse words cheat several coins pain. QQ show will be followed for free? Don’t worry about this, because their home is too QQ show money, like Microsoft’s Windows, is the lifeblood of their home, there will be no competitors will be free. When the horse hurts to find the children have to use HI, and he wanted to free too late.

Baidu HI to do the third thing is to engage in a free Tencent pass. Tencent is a User Company internal communication with instant messaging software, the current price of more than a thousand dollars. Internal communication with general IM IM what is the difference? The main is the new addition to the colleagues of the company can be added to the company’s organizational structure, so that the new colleagues learned from the corporate IM who is the owner of a company, who is the boss who is Xiaomi, give me the wages of the great God, who is his colleagues, who are colleagues are MM, GG. These things in general IM function is insufficient, and enterprise IM as long as the new employees to join it will naturally become part of the whole organization structure. I used to break through the Tencent version, cool ah. Now a lot of units to use QQ as an enterprise IM, QQ group to manage a department, this is too amateur. Some friends use a free LAN instant messaging software IP Messenger, that I have used, the function is simple, less than QQ.

The market for IM

QQ of the three monopoly policy, Baidu HI will be HIGH, if you really have to hurt the horse if a headache.


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