How to do a good job in product packaging marketing

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Nene: 2013 -2015, Coca-Cola has launched the "nickname bottle", "the lyrics bottle" and "bottle lines", and has become a classic case of marketing. However, the packing pattern is not unusual, allowing fans to participate in interactive is the kingly way.

these brands under the case, mostly just go a little bit, let a simple packaging with more social attributes close to consumers.

, a pure music: the world’s first can meet interesting chowhound yogurt


since the beginning of this year with an article in the circle of friends after the explosion of fire, pure yogurt into the public eye. In fact, in terms of content marketing, music has always been a high demand for self, whether it is design or copywriting, you can see that the brand Pentium for force grid pursuit.

music pure founder Denny said that in the pure music sold 200 thousand boxes of yogurt, they put the back of the yogurt packaging shell made a magazine that everyone can contribute. Probably a total of more than 2 thousand people participated in the submission, then choose out of 25, in WeChat inside, let everybody vote, behind these contents become a new phase of the packaging, promoting sustainable product update.


graffiti from the user

A small part of

, but this is only the use of packaging to interact not long ago, they put a mysterious two-dimensional code in every pure music box, through which you will know another story chowhound they love to travel, love, freedom, love and art niche film and self possession the music album… And can immediately contact the TA…


two, Wei Chuan daily C: let you do not have the courage to

for most people, that, in addition to choose the right time and scenes, but also have enough courage. And if someone can speak for you, then you don’t need courage, just choose the right time and the scene can be.

is to see this, Wei Chuan daily C this summer to do this – let packaging speak for you to help you. So, in the supermarket shelves, you can see that can be written directly in the bottle on the Wei Chuan daily C – you don’t need to save enough courage, you just give her the fruit at the right time and place.


in addition to confession, in the delivery of care, to send holiday greetings, apologies and other scenes are also very good to use, which is more than the original declaration that he is a literary youth, Coca-Cola, go a little bit.



three, Jiang Xiaobai: let you act yourself whenever and wherever possible.

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