Read the following corporate brand building is not a thing

with the development of our social economy, enterprise competition has changed from product competition to upgrade corporate brand marketing, as well as the overall image of the competition, the brand as the core of marketing is the inevitable choice of modern enterprise made in accordance with the development of society and economy.

in the rapid development of network era, the spread of products more and more ways, spreading faster and faster, the quality of product differentiation will become more and more small, therefore, the enterprise wants to survive in the fierce market development into play down, only from the perspective of product brand, unique brand image and spread, to attract consumers, so that the brand products from similar products in talent shows itself, become an independent school to establish a loyal customer base.

so, in the end how to build enterprise brand?

a, positioning

The huge market leading brands,

+ did not shout out the first brand (not modest), must first call XXX brand slogan. The world of the Internet is only the first, no second or other. Must be occupying the first, and write the massive spread. For a long time, you are the first.

For example,

shoes can do how to operate? Chinese first brand positioning Lara (the first category can be called the first temporary yet.)

1, brand positioning from the point of view of the benefits to customers.

2, the core selling point + core advantage = tipping point

Why do the good

melatonin advertising because it is the spread of ideas, and not simply like Hengyuanxiang symbols. If you do China first brand communication Lara Lara culture, the brand is to do acne acne theory (a theory of industry: the first step analysis of acne reasons, second shows how to acne, from the outside from the inside to explain, third share case, fourth step action fifth to encourage customers to zero risk, for example, promise to cure Bao Tuiqian). To design a set of brand theory.

two, weapon

brand’s four weapons: news soft text + Book + distribution system + company CEO micro-blog WeChat voice

news soft benefits is to make your brand content. Advertising is the most stupid, because the one-time investment is difficult to have a price, but not enough depth of spread. Do a good effect of the soft Wen, you can use the stars, from the media to do a special soft marketing.

Book tutorial is to others to spend money to buy my ad.

distribution system through cents to spread.

CEO is a brand tool (strongest) core, and brand symbol is cold. No feeling for consumers.

three, the spread of

devote resources to perform, to be ruthless.

four, management


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