[share] QQ space marketing cheats dry cargo

often see QQ marketing share this classification mainly dry cargo, several ways to share the first: how to find the QQ group or QQ friends, second: how to add the QQ group and QQ friends, third: if the QQ group or QQ friends send advertising, how about, the above three who will not? This is also called the dry goods, so I think it is to see the QQ manual, it is more authoritative than the so-called dry cargo. OK, today I share not only these, dry cargo, I share a QQ marketing idea, simple operation techniques need to own understanding.


space marketing, advertising marketing how to choose

if your QQ number gives you 3000 accurate friends, you will choose QQ space marketing or directly to its advertising marketing? You would say, two are doing well, I recommend the use of QQ space marketing and marketing of WeChat, since it is precisely our friends, do not use advertising to drive away these potential customers the. Get a budget, 3000 friends, batch import to WeChat, can be said at least 8 friends were successfully added to the WeChat friends at the same time, through their own share a WeChat public account of the dry cargo can become WeChat public account, fans at least 3 layers, that is 72, by sharing these fans to you fans increased to 100 is no pressure. In other words, 3000 QQ friends, WeChat can be added to the 2400 friends, WeChat public account can be added to at least 100 fans.

marketers fear marketing

as a marketing person, do not know if there is no such way, when you receive a product advertisement, regardless of what is the function of the product, you can directly pull the black or hang up the phone, I’d suggest you boss, try to hear about it, maybe they are your ad dry cargo. I am in the promotion of QQ cloud marketing, a lot of people boss no matter what QQ cloud marketing is to do a direct refusal, when I explained that QQ cloud marketing can crawl to his site visitors QQ, he was interested in understanding. This I want to say that people want to use QQ big data marketing you have to cooperate with the software, such as: automatically add precise friends, QQ cloud marketing, bulk forwarding and other marketing software. Don’t always think free is the best, there really is no free lunch, imagine, give you 3000 precise QQ number, if you added, at least to add a week, then why don’t you spend ten dollars an hour to fix the use of software.

circle marketing content

gives you 3000 90 friends you share is the main content of what? We will answer, share 90 related content, but the real circle more few, why? Because you share things are not what they want, give you 3000 90 good friends, this is not the point. The key is what you share, 80% of people from time to time.

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