Orange entertainment B round of financing over 100 million yuan to say is a media counter attack sto


recently made a special magic show, called "Princess promotion", although the name is Marysu, but including me, around a lot of partners are poisoned, when I found a lot of orange entertainment extension on the drama of reading, one by one I watched over and over, by the way fill out a questionnaire, play some mood score, imperceptibly half an hour later.

in fact, today’s content consumption, have become the user to see what the media on the production of what, from the past who who who do a big content, users may now become love who who is this idea of orange entertainment. Founder Tang Yiqing told the 36 krypton, they recently received more than 100 million yuan of B round of financing, as an attribute of the dominant media company, this financing, contrary to expectation is reasonable, but Tang Yiqing said that the value of the content is far more than that, the current round of financing is the lead investor of intime capital. The angel round of capital, A round of investment fund business partners have to vote.

similar to Buzzfeed, orange entertainment has made the corresponding standard in the form of content, and the topic or reference map of interest of users by the human brain to complete planning topics, in the new online entertainment orange App2.8 version, product form from the information content is simple, to cover the GIF dynamic map, game testing, video interview the diversification of structure.

entertainment now has the orange editorial team of about 40 people, the daily production of original content about one hundred articles, in addition to the initiative to come to seek cooperation projects, most of the hot topics are from orange entertainment background data, data sources include the label, user survey. From the user’s preferences, screening events, characters, topics, etc., not only can improve the efficiency of the planning of editing topics, but also laid the diversity of topics.

Tang Yiqing told the 36 krypton, orange entertainment is entertainment open, cross about various social class theme, covering all areas of life, fashion, film, beauty. In addition, orange entertainment also introduced some KOL (key opinion leaders) and three party cooperation, to expand the volume of premium content.

also, the role of the user in the production of content more active, orange entertainment established a strong interaction with the game mechanism.

game mechanism is mainly reflected in the content while watching the play side test, interaction mechanism is embodied in the add in the barrage, reading is Tucao, emphasis on user participation, the App interface also covers from the female star’s appearance on the current hot film scoring to love with the household survey.


Tang Yiqing appears in a large number of users of Internet data, the production mechanism of content change in the traditional concept, the film director will find Star protagonist, is the star criteria have good works, but the data in the.

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