How to make use of Sina blog to earn five digits

today to share my first pot of gold when in University, the first 5 digits in life is to earn


has a connection with the truth,

yes, it is right to help the school enrollment Commission, but I use the Internet is the way!

note: if you are interested in the above, take 20 minutes to read carefully, I guarantee that everyone can understand, everyone can operate!

(this method is not only suitable for enrollment, suitable for traditional industries to play with the Internet)

because some chance to know a strange combination of circumstances, this line of people, and decided to do this line, the reason is very simple — one of the most successful introduction of profiteering! But the lowest 1000 high, can reach thousands of


admissions background: whenever high school graduation season, the university admissions season will have millions of students because they do not know what the school confused, but also because of the fierce competition in the university to grab students headache!

OK, there is a place where there is a contradiction in business opportunities, a career derived – enrollment agent!

enrollment agent signed an agreement with the university enrollment agreement, and then run across the country in high school, held lectures and open classes, is responsible for the introduction of the school to go out to give the college entrance examination one more choice!

since it is necessary to cut into this line, so do some research, the traditional approach has 2 very big shortage of 1, running around the country, very tired of the previous, this spending is too large in the 2.

if you move to the Internet to do, these two problems will no longer exist, just need to do a good job of customer service, to answer questions on the candidates on the line, and I have determined the ideas and the choice of schools.

on the second day, my friends and I went to the Qingdao XXXX school signed a contract, is Chen received me, the process is very simple, good to talk about the Commission is a 1500! Here say that, there are so many compatriots do not love communication, and feel very afraid, with individual university two different groups, how can we bird college? We go to is completely mistaken! Create value, why would be rejected? Do you think the line of accounting training courses, design training courses, with you now in the industry, if someone to bring you customers, you are welcome or sniff at the hot face


home open, analyzed the status of online registration of candidates for school, I must solve two major problems: 1, how to let them know that I exist (to promote their) 2, how to make them believe me (the trust)

this need to mention just Sina blog ( I asked for permission from the school, made the official website of the style, there are students to call the consultation, the school will give

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