On the promotion of soft paper to enterprise station

do not know what you think of the soft Wen, I think the role of the soft is very large. The use of a high quality of soft Wen can reach the finishing touch, imperceptibly leads readers into your website but also do not know this is a soft. But also to enhance the visibility of your website, including the visibility of enterprise website products. To write a soft Wen to do soft.

in fact, I think the enterprise soft Wen is the most soft can show its role. First of all, now the enterprise advertising is very good, but it is generally hard advertising, but large enterprises have realized this point in advertising has begun to develop in the direction of soft. Such as "don’t drink fresh wine is good "

is a liquor but although people suggest you drink less, this is not showing a concern for consumers of Italy, so this is a very successful advertising. For example, the farmer spring is a bit sweet, do very interesting is not very sweet is not sweet is a little sweet, how do the image ah, is this point played a role, in fact, how many people will feel thirsty to drink a little sweet, soft soft at this point ".

this is the soft advertising, soft Wen is also because of the role of publicity. So long as it is also the enterprise, but also in their website on the above articles are for publicity, more or less have soft components. Enterprise soft Wen in writing a certain kind of attention to the integration of an enterprise culture. Secondly, to increase the emotional component, to write some vivid. Don’t give people a feeling of command, the reader’s heart to move, let him involuntarily into your website, close to the reader and the distance. It is best to add their own domain name in soft Wen, for example, I am in the habit of writing articles on their own domain name www.5idid.cn. This can improve the site of the chain, soft on the site of the chain to improve greatly help, enterprise website is no exception. Secondly, must find a breakthrough point, not old-fashioned style of writing. For example, I wrote XX products, that is where you buy ah, I am in XX, you and me. What about the quality, the quality is very good ah. Give a person is a person, who would believe it?. The best writing in their own way, to belittle in praise, readers can also set almost, anyway don’t give people a feeling of being hoodwinked, look like a better not to write, could affect the company’s reputation. Write so much I always feel, write a bit messy.

is the first enterprise soft wenyiding into the corporate culture, such as the enterprises pay attention to the quality of you you right in the show. To have the corporate culture of the company can become a big company, Ma had to do a speech culture is the company’s DNA is right.

second enterprise soft Wen can not give people a feeling of command, after reading not only did not reduce the feelings of consumers. On the contrary, people hate, give people a kind of do not buy do not let go.

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third soft soft, although it is soft text >

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