Analysis of the fraud means of domain name fee

previously published, fraud phone trap: new network fraud method exposure see

about the domain name fraud thing, is currently in the bud, the majority of Xiamen’s fraud address, they are all under the guise of the name of China Internet Center, I think, they are not simply the purpose of fraud, they are mainly in the following aspects:

1, allows you to pay their own domain name, but the cost of direct call to them, but the high fees. Such a bad situation, at least you pay, but the cost of their peeling they make a difference, that is, because of all the current institutions do not understand the Internet domain name related rules, they will use this rule to make the difference, it is not the full sense of the fraud

2, they ask you to pay their own domain name, but their money directly on the matter, they in order to receive the money, completely 100% fraud, such fraud is the lowest.

3, let you give your domain name domain name renewals, actually has not expired, but to let you renew, it may cause a false impression to you, I began to renew today, this time next year will continue to renew your domain name, such as the real maturity date is 2008 November, 2008 May was then you again they cheat, you said in 2008 May due to the cost of domain name, let you renew, your impression is 2009 May should continue to renew, to the question, they take your money to you renew, to monitor your domain name expiration time, expired, they directly registered your domain name, the end for you the continuous fees are not right, they may be sold to you this time.

I guess some

above may have, but if it is low-level fraud should be second, senior fraud should be third, regardless of the kind of have to beware, this deception has been quietly started, when I wrote this article should is they just cheat, hope this article can be widely spread to the majority of institutions website managers to remind, don’t let crooks succeed, also hope that the relevant state departments to manage.

also in the day before yesterday, I also received a telephone call from Xiamen, to my office, I was damaged because the fax machine did not receive their fax, otherwise I will publish the liar.

here I appeal to see this article, if a similar experience must pay attention to the collection of evidence, the liar to the release site, all of us together to purify the Internet space contact website free of the


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