What should we do after SEO

remember a friend described SEO to SEM and the marketing department, the enterprise brand is the advanced process of SEO, but how to do that very vague, now day edge put the advanced process through the understanding and practice of their own to elaborate.

According to the method of "green

website optimization of three stage", about two and a half months, the company project site keywords are most channels to get good rankings (because customers are more than 80% sources from Baidu, so this ranking is mainly aimed at Baidu), of which 16 backbone channel page (each channel page keywords 3) higher than the 27 words in the search engine ranking of the top five, 21 of the top three, 9 ranked first. When the project to optimize the effectiveness of a certain effect, the site of a natural flow up, but it can be said that the SEO work is done? No, the answer is obvious, the search engine has been updated to continue to maintain the stability of the main web site keywords ranking, we must do a good job in third phase optimization, solid.

has this effect at the same time, the focus began to shift, took in the hands of the project, the main direction of the next major three: "brand" "authority" and "customer", in their own research projects and the advantages of "plan" needs some partners after the start with its own web site each other’s strengths and needs to focus on the beginning of the implementation of joint projects. So far, the same china.com cooperation smoothly, the website authority of an important guarantee; with Alibaba cooperation channels to finalize all matters, signed the contract agreement, the project to upgrade the brand is self-evident; 3158 with the clothing company station cooperation in full swing, customers have to protect sources. This is the first phase of the project SEO after work, but not to say that every direction there is a partner in the next market of sleep without any anxiety, remains focused on these three main directions, the purpose is to make the advantages of their own brand, authority, customers in these three aspects of course website optimization is always stable based on the moment can not relax.

In order to avoid the AD

too, the company did not mention the project information, just mentioned partners and forms of cooperation, in addition to some data presented in this paper is the statistical data of 2008-7-24, can ensure that the real day edge here. If my friends still have questions about the data or the cooperation information, please contact me, I will address, data, and related information to provide. E-MAIL:biizhe#163.com

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