Do not play to promote the human sea tactics

last week, when the manager asked me to do a monthly summary report on business trip, do not forget to put forward the need to give the company’s resources, because the meeting is the boss of the whole process of participation. The manager said that the promotion department currently has 2 indicators can be used, if not enough can also increase the quota of 2 places, but the boss will certainly want to see the results soon.

for the manager, I do not agree with these words, after all, in addition to the promotion of the Department in addition to a supervisor, there is a senior marketing specialist is responsible for Tmall stores, Jingdong stores, shop No. 1, Dangdang shop train. And I am responsible for the Tmall shop drilling exhibition, C shop train and drill exhibition, franchise shop through train. On the workload, in addition to the big promotion will be busy, usually not too busy, in other words, even if it is to spend 6 million yuan next year to promote the cost of the current equipment is completed can be completed. Tmall drilling exhibition is the big head, accounting for more than 60%, as long as I spend more time to invest, the same can guarantee a good output. Therefore, the recruitment of several people for me is of no significance. Because of the need to recruit a good promotion personnel must have low treatment, while the city of this talent is already very difficult to recruit, former club recruitment for almost a year, a senior marketing specialist and promotion assistant has been hanging, refresh time is very hard, there is no recruit the candidate. If it is a point of the recruitment, the first is to pay wages, then there is the cost of trial and error, that is because the level is not enough to waste. So, from this point of view, the cost of recruiting a newcomer is very high. To do so, a month to spend thousands of dollars is very normal, good words may be a few thousand dollars a year down is a lot of money.

my advice is not to the manager need to recruit promotion personnel, can give me some basic salary, I have the ability to do these things very well. After all, these are the data card, the end of October last year, before the boss is no comparison, always think I do not like the promotion level. The recruitment of 5 people to do the promotion, one to the promotion supervisor, after half a month, spent 60 thousand yuan, out of 3 people, including this promotion supervisor. At that time, the boss’s request is to speak through a summary of the meeting and the actual operation of the way, to see who is doing well, put this method to retain, continuous replication, the use of new projects. So, when people said to choose train keywords from, Jingdong to add hot words inside, also called the single product separately in accordance with the eye to the black eye to eye, go pouch, 3 promotion plan, a group of 2 people to operate. Each program are required to fill the 200 keywords, and for the beauty cream category, the real transformation of keywords is about ten, a plan which has 60 key words has been OK. Perhaps because the boss did not understand the train, anyway, the supervisor in accordance with the requirements of the boss assigned tasks. The more keywords you want to add, the greater the chance. At that time, I think this way is not reliable, so in the later asked to spend 400 yuan per day, >

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