Social media marketing 2 show your brand with pictures and videos


Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest these social media sites to lead the 2012 visualization market trends. When the new product is released, they no longer hold a boring press conference, but they start to demonstrate to the public. Visual content sites are using brilliant pictures and special ideas to impact our eyeballs.

"content is king" is a saying that two years ago or marketing the belief, but now it seems a photo to thousands of comparable. "Blog is one of the first social networking sites, the first people will be released on the blog 1000 words." Dr.’s William J. Ward, a professor of social media at the Syracuse University, said, "when Facebook comes up, the number of words we release becomes less. After micro-blog is to let our words to 140 words. Now the trend of visual communication by Pinterest leads to social sharing sites, and we even skip text directly."

as a result of scientific and technological progress has affected people’s living habits, thereby promoting the development of visual power. An increasing number of people are using mobile phones to access social media, and they find that it is much easier and more fun to take a photo and share a piece of text than a two inch keyboard.

ROI Research survey shows that in a variety of photos shared by friends, users are most likely to see their own photos, rather than reproduced or copied / pasted. Pictures have become a way of sharing information every day, and we like to receive information in such a way.

"picture has become a fast and simple way of information communication." GlobalHue executive vice president and director of Samuals said. In modern society, people are getting less and less time, the amount of information is increasing, the need for publishers to point out faster than in the past. For publishers, not innovation means losing fans, the picture will be their best choice."


so what makes all of these visual stimuli branded brand


fashion designer Kahri-Anne Kerr to promote his own brand by visualizing social media sites – Kahr. In the fashion world is the visual imagination in the promotion of products, the customer through the model to see the clothes on the picture to imagine wearing it in their appearance. "When I posted photos on Facebook, they gave me a lot of advice." Kahri said. Visual media is a very good platform to share the inspiration of the new design, while the link with your shop will make the product sales rose.

Moleskine uses the visual media to launch an activity that has been around the world

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