How to do marketing through the soft web site

I contact network in 2000, has been the network as the only channel to promote their products, capital and entrepreneurship at the beginning of the lack of a great relationship, occasionally attending a show, but not what effect, then it is specialized in network marketing! These years, in the network it is tasted enough sweetness, in my place a small industry, their own websites are basically in Baidu’s home page, how to optimize the enterprise website, today is not introduced, there are a bunch of related content online. Today is to talk about how to promote their products or enterprise website.

enterprise website update and industry website and website are very different, is not so much the main news can be used, even if there is news, because of a narrow audience, in addition to personnel within the industry concerned, hard advertising dry products that nobody wants to see, there will be no more for your promotion. Do not do the promotion of enterprise website, the amount of visits every day or even a single digit, so that the enterprise website is no marketing ability, in addition to their own, others can not find you.

many companies now know in their industry websites, e-commerce sites and Alibaba, HC and other comprehensive on the release of information to bring effective target traffic, also try the blog, promotion and soft, but because of the lack of skills and professional personnel, is not "soft soft Wen release", is still hard to promote products, advertising, marketing or some bad effect.

so what kind of publicity is good soft Wen promotion? Soft, is the release of the soft, to be silent, to be soft but just, so that readers can as a small novel, an essay, a reading value of the article, look at the process without resentment, to attract him, after reading but also to the aftertaste, feel like I can learn something from it, can product or company for your trust, this is a good soft text advertising. Of course, this effect can be achieved is soft, need writers have wealth of skills and experience, to fully understand their industry.

enterprise soft writing can be considered from several aspects:

a, general purpose enterprise products soft writing direction

1, real customer care: sell anti radiation from the maternal health perspective to illustrate the role of radiation-proof clothes; selling the activated carbon on the adsorption of harmful gases from efficacy; selling apples from Apple’s nutritional value and are beneficial to human health and other aspects to write, let the reader can feel do you sell something he can really bring benefits, but do not exaggerate the efficacy of products.

2, and the use of social hot news: 7 gods of heaven, that sell astronomical instruments can use this hot point and writing space related articles, with their own sales of what products can be observed what astronomical phenomena; World Expo open, all related with the surface to rely on. Hot and current events are not often, even if there is, you may not be able to rely on the product, the usual soft Wen can

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