The cornerstone of network marketing starting from the analysis of the opponent site

cloud, the enemy, know yourself. Some competition events Changsha network marketing throughout the field of network marketing, network marketing planning plays an important role, but in this one, the first element is to bear the brunt of starting the competition website analysis.

a a commonplace talk of an old scholar about network marketing SEO analysis of the competitor’s website is clear positioning and development direction of their customers. Get some information from the opponent’s website, such as SEO included, reverse links and other information. Of course, if we observe carefully enough, may wish to also refer to the user experience of the website of the competitors, this is a lot of help to improve the user experience and improve our website SEO.

in the above information, we can analyze the opponent’s website to get what we lack in SEO. Which functions need to be improved, and even from the opponent’s Web site we can get what information is the Internet users or our customers like we can put him on our site layout.

if many competitors are better than us so we don’t want to give up the network marketing, give up SEO? In fact, we identify the target in preventing backwards, we will begin to prepare the competitors. For example, there are many ways to network marketing, we take the effect is more obvious, more easy to use blog marketing and marketing and event marketing and other means to open our market.

usually, and competitors in the analysis and comparison we will have two harvest. First, what are the advantages of competitors, two what are we. Therefore, we have to do is to absorb the strengths of competitors to make up for their shortcomings. Of course, a good way to continue to explore, otherwise, the network marketing will lose the meaning of the traditional marketing compared to.

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