How to use the forum to promote the site

              BBS promotion we all know, to the forum to send links, many webmaster are doing. However, many forums will be deleted, there are a lot of Posts hidden in the vast amount of information inside, but also often go to the top, it is hard. So, how to send a link in the forum and will not be deleted and do not need to top it? Here is a brief introduction to the baby’s meal website is how to easily get 5000 IP forum every day.

1, the first version to a parent-child Forum on child feeding post, is the main production method, 0-12 month old baby feeding and complementary day diet, feeding in the process need to pay attention to the problem and so on, a very systematic and scientific plan, very long and perfect, and at the end and write a sentence: "too many things, there are a lot of baby food pictures and tables, I am tired of his hair, to the site to learn well, so itself made a lot of useful information, the administrator will not delete, keep an eye on my past.

2, the headline attractive point to real point, I am writing "spent three months finishing 0-12 months baby feeding and complementary production method", many mothers look very interested, just came in.

3, post, but no one, and sank, and they often top, occasionally have a friend to help top up, but this is not a permanent solution, how to do? Here is a little trick, is to put this post set view as to reply, that many people want to see, to reply, that is the top up? Hush! Haha ~ ~ ~, don’t let the moderator!


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