Apple Watch will bring new opportunities for venture companies

Apple Watch will bring new opportunities for startups

Tencent science and technology news on January 12th, when Apple’s fastest sale of smart watches Apple Watch in March this year, there will be a large number of wearable devices for the application of the same line. Apple has already released the relevant specifications of the Apple Watch, so the product is likely to become the next wave of valuation reached $1 billion consumer technology innovation company’s launch pad.

and many pundits predict will be Apple Watch after the listing, or even ended in failure, but also some investment institutions analyst is very optimistic about this wearable device. Investment bank Morgan Stanley analyst in November last year, investors have pointed out that they expect Apple Watch will have a good performance after the listing, the first year sales will reach 30 million. Apple Watch listed, will allow apple to increase the valuation of more than 10%, an increase of more than $50 billion market capitalization.

Apple has released a stylish, customizable Apple Watch. Taking into account the reputation of apple, you can safely assume that when the Apple Watch sale, the hardware device will have a first-class level.

but for Apple Watch, the key to success is the application. Apple already has the world’s most happy, most attractive application developers group. Apple had said that the app store App Store last year to provide developers with more than $10 billion in revenue.

can therefore be no doubt inferred, including Facebook and Twitter and other technology giants, including hundreds of companies, will be released on the first day of the Apple Watch for the exclusive application of the device. This has become a reality, because Apple in November last year has been provided to developers in advance for the development of Apple Watch application software development kit.

imagine the user wearing a piece of Apple Watch into a grocery store, because the precise grasp of the user’s location, Apple Watch can be used to navigate the grocery store for users. The user also eliminates the need to wander within each channel, looking for the goods they want to buy cumbersome. Assuming that the Apple Watch has a Wikipedia application, when the user is traveling in a city, it can be prompted to the user’s interest in the attractions.

these technologies have long been in the mobile phone users. But the real factors that allow users to adopt new technology is whether the technology is easy to use.

using historical analogies, we will find the prevalence of mobile Internet, instant messaging is an alternative to e-mail. E-mail is the product of a specific set of actions, including sitting at a specified time

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