Friendship link

links as a means to increase the chain, is more and more favored by the webmaster.

for those who have just set up the site owners, they are often full of passion everywhere for Links, long time, their confidence will be hit, because they found that, in addition to the entertainment unspoken rule, exchange links also have the unspoken rule "/p>!

PR, yes, that is PageRank, which is Google for web page rating. There are a lot of sites in the link of the page, usually write such a sentence "link, PR> 2…". A lot of new sites where PR? PR no, not all. If you think your PR is currently 2, you can do a link with others, then you are wrong. According to the unspoken rules, you can usually do less than 3 of the site with PR. The so-called "people go to high, water flows downwards, the PR value of the webmaster want to do site links and taller than him.

even more puzzling is that some do not have the PR webmaster, actually also put forward the requirements of PR, a pair of up to see posture, and very strong.

links in the end for what? In addition to links, as well as friendship – the friendship of the user. Users visit the site at the same time, you can find links to the site useful for him, this is the core. Useful sites, not all the PR value high site. The PR value high site, not necessarily bring you flow.

for our site, correlation between the site is easy to find. For example, browse the recruitment of information users, may be interested in career planning, may also want to know how to participate in the candidates, writing a resume, not to mention some of the company’s recruitment information. We have noticed that some users of the address of an exhibition is not clear, this is not the next step should be considered.

patient, adhere to the interests of users, is the core for the Links.

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