The striking artifact how to enter rural whitewashing marketing user’s heart

Internet era, as the last bastion of the domestic electricity supplier market, the vast rural development potential is very great. In rural areas, a variety of large and small whitewashing advertising combined with traditional marketing and meet the eye everywhere, the kind of modern business information is very dazzling. As a relatively traditional marketing means, whitewashing advertising is not strange, people live in rural areas has already been used to even blind. There Chinese whitewashing marketing, is closely linked with the history of nearly one hundred years development.

from the early notice to land at the beginning of the twentieth Century revolution, the Anti Japanese War, and then to the early liberation of the playing field nouveau riche and the cultural revolution, until today’s electricity supplier giants have a variety of well-known musicians to emerge in an endless stream of slogans and all kinds of propaganda, dizzying. The walls in the rural areas is one of the most important propaganda mode and a classical tradition, to some extent, can be said to be eye-catching artifact rural users "".

why "whitewashing" marketing in rural areas can "eat"? There are two reasons: on the one hand is due to the rural living space is relatively small, not bow to see the rise, on the other hand, with the degree of development of the rural economy, farmers education and network information popularization degree is relatively backward, but the potential for sustainable development the great.

can not be denied, as a low-cost, efficient marketing mode, after hundreds of years of test of "whitewashing" economic advertising effect is very remarkable. In the face of city market gradually saturated situation, the future prospects of farm gaps in the market and a new era of farmers’ strong purchasing power, is closely linked with the rich, communication and people’s life but also the flow of electricity providers to enter the country.


Internet era, the development of rural electricity supplier is the last piece of green. Enter the rural electricity supplier, the first question is how to make your striking artifact – whitewashing marketing into the hearts of rural users. One manor small series that do the following three points is the most basic.

first, spit a nail, is what is what. Rural areas do not welcome fake and shoddy products and any false propaganda, the countryside is not eliminated products or even inferior products dumping. Whether you are painting or go to the market, don’t abandon the business bottom line, not to bully the farmers occasionally did not see or do any slight lack of purchasing power. With the continuous improvement of the standard of living in rural areas and the increasing awareness of farmers’ consumption, there will be less and less space for fake and shoddy cottage products.

second, whitewashing advertising itself should be concise and clear, catchy. Rome, full of local flavor, with local characteristics, vivid, easy to understand and easy to remember whitewashing advertising is one of the most rural direct marketing classic, but also show a long period, the advertising effect is obvious, the flow, to do than to buy cheaper than building advertising. So, do the striking artifact — whitewashing marketing advertising itself is extremely important.

in addition, be sure to do under the line

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