4A is often said in the end how to understand the copy tone

I believe most after graduation, some students copy new, you must to the leadership said that the word "tonality", even in the same position of planning, design, and so on have heard this assistant.

to tell the truth, then heard the graduation practice when I stay, what is tonal? It will not answer the leadership, in short is a fantasy…… Well, for more than 8 years, today come to talk about the so-called "copy of tonality".

so what exactly is it?

I graduated from

into a central well media company began, has been a copywriter, do the planning, advanced planning positions until two years ago, in front of 6 years has been in contact with the tonal things, although more than 1 years beginning couldn’t understand, but now can be written to tell you the key is that you copy the tonality, character, more simply, the best you can put your content of your work, as a person, have a clear mind, and lively character, gives the idea, not false words, this is tonal.


did you think about the scene before writing


I give an example of good ~ from the family brand advertising

FamilyMart Latte


everyone in the world is looking for happiness,

, however, a love, how many tests to pass, to be able to go to a good happiness?

(and then a couple quarrel, the long-distance relationship of conventional drama)

came to the main female family FamilyMart coffee shop, the boss chose green tea latte for her,


well, but after heavy exercise, it has such a good taste oh.

(then the boss introduced Matcha source)

do you think this is the same as love?

it is often said that the search for happiness is a very difficult thing, because no one knows what happiness in the end look like.

in fact happy with green tea latte, more the grinding process

will make people want to hold tightly in hand, good taste.

(end point) to drink a good


a copy, no matter you are understood as small indeed fortunate, or as sweet to cloyed art fan, no problem, Chinese business case certainly does not meet the 100% users, so the location of your audience is the first step, and then give it emotional and clear thinking, positioning the product family the young white-collar workers or students, so this kind of literary style fresh to better grasp the audience’s attention, although it is popular.

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