You do not understand the micro business entrepreneurs

neet will not do micro business;

I do


vain people do not do micro business;

carrying people will not do micro business;

micro business people, mostly positive, independent, hardworking people.

in the micro business group, is not willing to increase the burden of parents of college students; at home with the children wanted to give children hard to earn milk money treasure mom; and the day in the workplace around night time delivery workers……

they have a common characteristic, that is, not afraid of other people’s vision, responsible for their own lives and actively strive for a better tomorrow.

is so, because so long I immersed in the micro District, see more.

micro business is not "swindling", but not the pyramid

from the teacher taught us not only see black spots on white paper, but the social habits of thinking, is so stubborn. May I have a handful of people in the circle of friends doing MLM business or cooked, but the vast majority, micro business groups, like the black dots outside the white paper, they do their duty to ease small business.

For example,

me a college student from Sichuan’s Micro ODA, Liangshan, poverty at home, do tutoring over, see micro business is so hot also move a mind. But he decided to do micro business to the real release of the product, a full use of a month, ask him why. He said: I want to take a good look at the product ah, circle of friends are sold to acquaintances, they trust me to buy, in case I sell a poor quality to them, our friendship will be broken. Besides, I can’t make people think I’m poor."

after a period of time, I asked him how he felt that business, not business material, because every transaction, think of the students that friends on weekdays is good for him, he couldn’t help to give a discount, less money, that they did not earn or earn a little.

similar ODA this mentality in the micro business group, a grasp of a lot, a lot of people Tucao their Henbuxiaxin to make a fortune. But slowly, I found that the mentality of the people do the longer the better business, because cheap, a lot of people are willing to recommend their classmates or friends come to buy, the channel is slowly opened up.

micro operators not only mask

micro business to occupy half of the country a mask, began this argument really is not an exaggeration, but as time goes on, derivative products has been greatly enriched, but most of them are doing their own products, rather than agent. For example, we miss a small district. Miss Shen was also a white-collar workers, after the birth of a child (she is the only female), mother and lumbar disc herniation in serious condition, back home treatment, she had to quit completely as a housewife. But the cause of her, after all, can not get used to spend money on the day, so >

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