How the site should be promoted smoothly

website promotion accounted for a very important position in the website, the website is not out of the promotion of junk-heap, even if the user experience how gorgeous decoration, how in place, no one comes to light for yourself, what is the use? This is the webmaster very headache, individual stationmaster often early in the site full of confidence and spent considerable experience, engage in engage in content template. A period of operation effect is not very ideal is a bit downhearted, long long lost enthusiasm on this site. When Zzx first website and everyone else, not to blindly go to the final effect is not ideal. Here I talk about the promotion of small experience, mainly to provide some ideas to the webmaster, from my thoughts to change to develop.

1 clearly know the location of the site

site positioning I believe we all know, this step is the most basic, like building a house hit the ground. Any web site will be clear on his own before the site’s positioning, our products or services for what kind of crowd. Always holding a purpose to do with this part of the crowd to promote. Now this era can basically give up the idea of doing portal, but specifically to do vertical professional site is easier to succeed, because the site itself is a vertical site, naturally know that part of the crowd.

2 do you know where the users are,


clearly understand the user groups are going to look for them, where this part of the crowd will appear (a website, a forum, etc.). The easiest way is to search for the corresponding QQ group. When you all know where this part of the crowd is active, we can naturally promote the.

collection of user groups: search engine, QQ group, micro-blog, SNS, the corresponding theme website (competitors), related forums, etc.

3 familiar with the promotion of the use of the user pull over

clearly know where their user base, we have targeted promotion. There are many ways to promote SEO, soft Wen promotion, Forum promotion, QQ group promotion, blog promotion, mail promotion, event promotion, micro-blog promotion, etc.. The method is very much, only think, not impossible, as long as you have one of the methods to achieve the ultimate, traffic will be nothing difficult

4 uses flow analysis tools to analyze the most useful methods

we have done a lot of pre promotion, but we do not know the site to the flow of more, the video over the people, and so on and so on. At this time we want to use the flow analysis tool (webmaster must be used), this kind of tool a lot of cnzz, Baidu statistics, Google Analytics, 51, etc.. From the analysis tools we clearly understand that the recommendation site traffic, pick a few to flow up, then just do this several promotion website, which not only saves time, but also provides the efficiency of Why not?

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