How can we write the high end atmosphere on the soft Wen

lead: with the rapid development of Internet marketing, also in the rapid occupation of the consumer’s eye, that how to create high quality soft, leading brand development for high quality soft Wen planning requires a combination of user psychological preparation, according to the user’s psychology to write articles, to realize the expansion of the brand and publicity by the user psychological layout.

high-end content planning:

Planning of soft

content, first to ensure users to share content has a certain value, in accordance with the value of content to extend user demand, lead to psychological interaction with the target users, to achieve enterprise brand communication.


share interesting valuable information, allowing users to penetrate the brand culture in the joy, the contents of the soft text to ensure that the user does not plan to resist the brand.

example: three squirrels, although the brand advertising, but his family’s advertising is very creative, very cute, so that users will not be offensive, but more like.

planning emotional content, leading the user mood, combined with the user’s psychological needs to write in the soft, soft in the user and the user to achieve emotional interaction.

planning write high-end atmosphere, let the user to get the general experience and enjoy, to achieve brand exposure and catharsis, meet the target user’s curiosity, resonate with the user.

atmospheric connotation planning:


soft Wen planning when writing, according to the user psychology to writing, while the need to share with product packaging story story twists and turns, the pressure on the call by surprise the user psychology, interact with the user.

atmospheric content writing can be a narrative way, through their own life experience, causing the user psychological resonance, to achieve the spread of soft and brand exposure.

combined with the case of knowledge sharing, sharing the contents of the event summary, to trigger their own views and user views resonate.

on the level of content planning:


plan to share the content should include the views of opinion leaders to ensure that the content of the authority of the article, with the introduction of this layer of content sharing.

through the multi-channel sharing to promote drainage, to achieve the rapid dissemination of content, content planning to express their own views and operational point of view, through the interaction with the fans resonate content.

enabled marketing matrix, select the appropriate timing of the event to promote the implementation of brand communication interaction.

combines content layout style, pay attention to the readability of the content of the article, with the help of a special point of view of the fans to interact with, and then use the title to attract fans to achieve fast interaction

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