Analysis on how to improve the user experience of online shopping mall

When operating in the online shopping mall will

a lot of people into a misunderstanding, it is hard to improve their website traffic, but the main profit pattern of the flow of money is not online mall, but need to flow into purchasing power, so as to improve the online shopping mall, website traffic conversion rate is very important! And increase website traffic conversion rate is the most important core is to enhance the user experience of the website, we are going to talk about several methods to enhance the user experience


A: site user login registration optimization

online shopping mall to retain users, on the way to let them be your membership, and a registered member of the process will be simplified as much as possible, there are three registered items like, username and password have password confirmation, but now in order to prevent malicious registration to hair ads on the site, there is a need to engage in a mailbox and the verification code input box, which is a registered bar, a total of five, is relatively simple, but also to take care of the maintenance and management of the


two: product collection memory function to optimize


website to have related products collection and memory function, if it is open membership at different time after, can show a few times before once browse products, so it can greatly reduce the time for members of products, but also has the power of another member of the shop, which makes them looking for shops, looking for the product can save time, this is a very good user experience, such as the Taobao store management system is in place to do


three: browse settings to optimize

in accordance with our habit of browsing product is optimized in time because we finally open the content page or product page, want to open in a new window, it can and similar products, but the best time is in the current page page opens, it can quickly click, or open a page to turn off a page, very troublesome, it should also be based on user browsing habits to optimize so in the


four: confirmation of user order optimization

features on the site to simplify everything, but security measures can not be less, such as information on the user’s order confirmation will be selected, can not allow users to fill out a lot of useless information, such as what kind of account, there are a lot of what social relations are not, what impact these transactions so that the streamline must be cut off, as long as such as name, phone, address can be


five: optimization of single user


online mall once after the user orders confirmed not to modify, this is one thing very affect the user experience, because some people may have to replace the other models in order of the products, so the order also must provide the modify function, of course need to modify function application, and can not arbitrarily change. If you can not.

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