The United States as early as October the overall listing of Wong Kwong Yu Holdings 50 52%

the morning of July 27th, the "First Financial Daily reporters from GOME Gome conference was informed that the acquisition of the parent company to achieve the overall listing of unlisted assets, and the first to be completed in 2015 October.

Gome listed companies will affect the annual income of hundreds of billions of

July 26th, Gome announced, intends to acquire the controlling shareholder of a wholly owned subsidiary of Ewell Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Target Corp) all equity issuance, is the controlling shareholder of the listed retail network and supply chain assets of listed companies into, transaction total price of HK $11 billion 268 million.

Target Corp’s retail network is rich in assets, stores mainly cover two or three cities. From the July 26th announcement, Target Corp’s revenue in 2014 was 20 billion 990 million yuan, net profit of $280 million.

Gome chief financial official Wei said, Gome announced the 2015 semi annual report in August 24th; the transaction behavior is the Target Corp financial data as of June 30, 2015, about the audit completed in mid September, in October 15th before the transaction issued by the shareholder letters and held independent shareholders’ meeting, and obtain approval in the independent shareholders’ meeting. In other words, the United States as a whole will be listed as early as October, the completion of the first in 2015.

one or two months ago, Gome acquisition of large and medium appliances, in fact, the United States as a prelude to the overall market.

Deputy Secretary General of

Chinese home appliances business association president Wu Xianjian is expected to inject unlisted more than and 500 stores, the number of stores, Gome will be increased to 1714. Judging from the current data, if not the private part of revenue in the first half of 2015, Gome’s revenue will exceed 80 billion yuan; if included in the non listed part of revenue in the first half of 2015, Gome’s revenue is expected to exceed 100 billion yuan, China home appliance industry will also increase an annual income of over 100 billion of listed companies.

Huang’s family has strengthened Gome Holdings

July 26th announcement revealed that the majority shareholder Wong Kwong Yu and its concerted action is currently holding 32.43% stake in gome. Once the transaction is completed, the United States listed part of the assets into the listed company, the shareholding ratio of Wong Kwong Yu and concerted action in Gome will increase to 50.52%. After the issuance of new shares and fully exercise the certification stake, the shareholding of about 55.34%.


total transaction price by cash, shares and warrants, including cash of HK $2 billion 200 million to HK $1.39 / share price allotment and issuance of 6 billion 200 million new shares, and the allotment and issue of 2 billion 500 million warrants, the exercise price of HK $2.15 / share. The cost of cash will be allocated internally. The transaction is subject to the controlling shareholder of Target Corp and granted exemption from cleaning and independent shareholders for approval to sit.

this transaction is the largest shareholder of the United States to strengthen the control of listed companies >

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