Holland of fashion electricity supplier House Einstein to help Uncle king wear a taste

30-50 years old elite man, the cause of the golden period, I hope I still look young and energetic, but due to the usual busy work, no time and energy to go shopping. Daniel Gongnv founded the fashion ZJS electricity supplier, online and offline shopping will be convenient under the combination of professional services, the establishment of just two years, the high-end customers has reached thousands of people.


first saw Tan Meiling’s name, thought it was a Chinese sister. When she was walking leisurely, actually is a typical Holland girl like her mother in Holland too strong gene. Graduated from the prestigious Holland Polytechnic School of fashion TUD her, but it has extraordinary sense of touch and enthusiasm.


when I was a senior, I was thinking about whether I would be an engineer after graduation or doing something fun and profitable." Due to the long-term environment in the University of science and technology, the surrounding students are mostly boys. In a chat with the University bestie, found that boys fashion demand is very strong. On the one hand, they need to wear appropriate clothes according to different occasions, on the one hand, too lazy to go shopping and even do not know what to buy clothes, which to buy. "Buy clothes shopping, this is our Forte!" so the sisters hit it off and started a fashion website, designed to help men to choose the appropriate purchase, fashion electricity supplier House of Einstein. The electricity supplier in the past two years swept the entrepreneurial awards in Holland, limelight no two.



is the electricity supplier, but they did not sell a piece of clothing on the site. Their services to take an appointment system, the customer needs to make an appointment in advance online, and then agreed within the agreed time to meet with the network through the video and fashion division. Collocation division generally will spend 15 minutes to half an hour to communicate with customers, observe the customer’s temperament, body, understanding of customer needs and dress taste, and then proceeded to give the customer to choose clothing from jacket, jacket, pants, belts and shoes, even with the same color of underwear and socks. Customers need to be quiet at home or in the office, waiting for the mysterious box filled with all this, to replace themselves with a new dress. For most men do not love shopping, fashion business is undoubtedly their life for the gospel.


high-end positioning

‘s target customer base is busy with work, no time to go shopping, but also want to wear fine and decent man. So in the selection of clothing division when the grade is generally set in the middle of the high price of designer brands, like Gant, Filippa K. "When you open the box, there in front of him is the material elegant, full of sense of design clothes, can deal with business, banquet and other social occasions."

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