Would you really play the data cube

for many businesses, the data cube function is only limited to the baby every day to watch real-time sales only, and for many other functions of the data cube has not been used, therefore, 3600 yuan a year is not worth.

In fact, there are many features of

data cube can help improve the operation ability of the store, such as the use of more is to analyze the flow structure of competitors. First, in the upper left corner to open the details of the brand, the search for the corresponding competitor’s brand name, you can see the opponent’s qualifying, conversion rate, customer price, etc..

then opened in selling the baby, you can see the number one is the shop explosion models, can see the baby sales in the last 7 days the trend is rising or falling, in details at the click, you can see the flow structure of the baby. As can be seen through the chart, the proportion of paid traffic accounted for 25%, which is mainly through the extension of the train, drilling exhibition as an auxiliary drainage, followed by Taobao. Free flow accounted for 75%, the data can be analyzed by the baby or the store traffic structure is very healthy. The operation mode is also a general store and be quite different, the only difference is probably the store customer price is relatively high, the gross margin is relatively high, it is said that as long as the 1 ROI drill show above can guarantee no loss.



by this method can also learn about a store which is the flow structure is very wonderful, paid traffic accounted for more than 40%, most of which are derived from the drill exhibition, train and guest is late start paying for promotion to do, which greatly counterattack conventional thinking. The general shop is to do Taobao guest, and then do the train, the last is to do drilling exhibition. But why this shop can put most of the flow through the drill is mainly to complete the exhibition, three DSR stores score is 4.9, if the store is also can be understood as the sales volume is not large, a little weird. But the shop actually has nearly 2 years of operation, sales volume is so big, but also to maintain such a high score, really is very rare in the shop, so that the drill show click rate, click on price is very low at the same time, even if the drill show flow proportion is still relatively high. Can be profitable, but also in the top ten categories.

second, in the data cube of the function, and an industry analysis, click to go to see the proportion of cases in the sub sectors of the top ten, can also see the last 7 turnover increase the emperor industry, can understand the industry trend, the peak season is from what time to start, but the overall trend of the after the activity will fall so much. This is very helpful for the operation of the store.

ranking in the hot shop, you can see the recent sales volume of the shop is relatively fierce, know the situation of competitors. Hot baby ranking see >

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