The cross border electricity supplier announced the completion of two hundred million yuan level abo

news June 30th, cross-border electricity supplier paramita today announced that it has completed two rounds of financing billion yuan level, the investor is a "international organization", including the recent investment in the micro shop, Vickers Capital became the capital of Singapore (Vickers venture capital), a member of the LG family founded the LB Investment four vcs.

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paramita introduced, app is not on the line in about a month has received two billion yuan investment grade, the difference from the main reason capital industry vigorously pursued is the product of. "At present, cross-border electronic business platform on the market basically a continuation of the traditional business operation mode, that is to solve the problem and the circulation of commodities and, paramita has a very big breakthrough in the form of products."

about the market leader Lei Tingting said: "our idea is through the reduction of APP overseas shopping scene for consumers. To this end, we entered the mobile video interactive technology in Artocarpus app, using this technology, consumers seem to be overseas shopping malls, shopping with us on site staff real-time interaction in overseas, to understand the full range of commodity information and local price."

In addition to

, get rid of current price information opaque sea Amoy industry, but also launched the "Dian TOU price" the sea Amoy commodity pricing, namely the overseas shopping site staff shooting procurement commodity price tag, and will show the real app in jackfruit, and ensure that all goods purchased on its platform the price agreement.

it is understood that the purchase is a proprietary paramita global cross-border electronic business platform, from procurement to warehouse all self-employed, in addition to the establishment of headquarters in Shanghai China, in Japan, South Korea and Hongkong are equipped with operations center.

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