Shop No 1 issued a unlimited 1 shop to build 1000 line shop


unlimited Shop No. 1 (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent science and technology news (Zhu Xudong) October 15th news, today, shop No. 1 officially released in Beijing, unlimited number 1 shop project, the purpose is to build thousands of virtual online shop No. 1 – unlimited number".

"unlimited Shop No. 1" is a kind of experience augmented reality application function, according to the "unlimited 1 shop" information, the user opens the application after positioning, application will be given near infinite Shop No. 1 "position, and guide users to. But this is not a physical store, but a virtual shop.

The characteristics of

"unlimited Shop No. 1" is the largest online e-commerce moved to the next line, and combine the traditional retail and e-commerce advantages, so that users can use e-commerce convenient shopping at the same time, enjoy the "supermarket" experience.

in the infinite Shop No. 1 is located, users only need to install the mobile phone application will be unlimited Shop No. 1 "at a place, there will be a" unlimited 1 store "mobile phone screen, the user can see the" unlimited 1 shop "picture by mobile phone.

but the line under the infinite number 1 shop specifically where the opening is still not clear.

infinite number 1 shop layout of the line under the simulated supermarket, entrance doors, signs, channels, shelves, etc., and also has a brand area.

it is understood that each of the infinite number 1 shop covers an area of 1200 square meters, a one-time display of goods on the shelves of the daily updated automatically every day, 1000.

due to WAL-MART has become the controlling side of the number 1 store, so the industry has been involved in the number 1 stores under the line rumors. The 1 shop to the line under the use of virtual storefront model indeed, and can not determine whether to borrow the resources of WAL-MART.

it is worth noting that this is not the first time the 1 shop involved in the line, after the first shop in the subway and bus station advertising, users can directly use the smart phone to scan the goods on the ad can enter the shop No. 1 to buy 1.

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