EBay sea Amoy new channel WeChat store 3 months ago low key into China


] in the Chinese billion state power network with more export platform role there is eBay, there are actually still have a "wiring" import business. On the one hand, eBay is still an important platform for many Chinese sea Amoy, on the other hand, eBay is still trying to enter the commodity Chinese in other ways, such as joint network serves to open flagship stores in Jingdong. Billion state power network eBay recently has also learned to cooperate with domestic service providers operating a "eBay select" WeChat store.

According to

eBay confirmed, "eBay selected by the domestic service providers" wisdom supplier (company name for Zhi Yu) generation operation. Billion state power network noted that the shop system uses the WeChat team official WeChat store, WeChat access and payment as the main payment channels.



According to Yu Zhi

partner Guo Haichen said, eBay select on-line in 3 months ago, the formal operation time only a month or so.

noted billion state power network, mainly selected the current eBay select goods concentrated in 3C, digital video, watch, home life, fashion and other customer price higher category, the overall number of SKU. Guo Haichen introduction, eBay selection of the current number of new products per day for 5, some commodities will be limited spike. It said that eBay has selected the 50 iphone6 on the line in the end of the three minutes.

, however, the selection of goods from the eBay currently only provide details, but did not provide specific seller information, payment is also completed directly in the WeChat store.

eBay select operator said the mall the orders are shipped directly from the eBay sellers, divided into two types of direct mail and transport, transport orders through WeChat users need to upload identity information.

in addition, billion state power network has learned, eBay select operator Zhi Yu will provide transport tariffs on goods or services. The goods need to pay the amount of the tariff, eBay select will form a link push message to the buyer, the buyer to complete the payment and then click on the link, smart electricity supplier for payment, the customs tariff will be received after the release of goods.

customer service, the official eBay said: "the selection principle does not accept returns, return the demand for the quality of the product itself or eBay the seller’s problem, buyers and sellers of intellectual electric chamber of Commerce coordination communication."

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