The acquisition of talent is not the best choice for start up companies



some time ago Silicon Valley whipped up a whirlwind of talent acquisition Facebook, Google, Zynga, network like hunger and thirst to talents, talents are usually acquired by the number of their pricing, the purpose of the acquisition is generally in order to obtain the excellent engineer and founder, rather than the product itself, entrepreneurial companies, acquired by big companies is good or bad


if you do poineering company’s original intention is to do a company, the goal is to be a big company to buy, then the acquisition of course is a good thing.


due to the scarcity of talent, talent competition intensified in some areas, such as social networks, are often high priced acquisition of outstanding talent, in their view, really good is not much, a high expense, also has the advantage of large companies.

engineers are likely to buy as much as $500 thousand to $1 million, usually in the form of shares, and are mainly distributed to founders, employees and investors. The employees will get paid, in most cases can get more stock options.

from the entrepreneurial team can not sleep without any anxiety startups, bitter life, into a big company, working life is guaranteed, the smaller the pressure.

is a large company is also a simple way to exit, 500Startup founder Dave Macclure has said: if the rapid growth of entrepreneurial enterprises, the average income of the acquisition of talent than no one is strong. But, despite the millions of dollars of funds for the acquisition of their funds worth mentioning, but just out of the campus of the University of engineers, is a considerable income.

Y Combinator founder Paul Graham said: "who are we? By the first 1 million young entrepreneurs to stop what they earn in life,"

in addition to material things, they have also gained fame, what? When a startup acquired by big companies, there are media reports: "Wow, look at the company has been acquired a large company, the founder of Niubi" or the like, looks very bright, can be big fancy and that entrepreneurial company team has its value. The original Facebook to $1 billion acquisition of Instagram, do not know how much envy of the entrepreneurial team, founder of the Kevin head ring, all of the dishes.


but if your intention is not to be acquired, it is a bad result. It is a kind of sense of failure.

and, if the company is acquired, how do investors look? If they are acquired, they want to start a business

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