To see how the luxury of fun nternet thinking from Darry Ring

by Wu Jing Xie Nan wedding, the two day of the Darry Ring news everywhere, a lot of people in the industry curious, Darry Ring has been active in social networks, few media appearances, how will this change the style? In-depth study found that this is a typical case of traditional luxury brand fun Internet thinking, is worthy of reference other traditional enterprises.

search results from Baidu news "Darry Ring" keywords, Darry Ring single brand word Baidu index has two consecutive years in more than 3000, up to about 20 thousand and 5, but the results displayed from the Baidu index, Darry Ring index of the media to lag behind the search index, which is a distinctive feature of social network communication we can, from the marketing case of this two Wu Jing Xie Nan wedding, see Darry Ring is how to do.

the first step with the Internet thinking to seize the target consumer pain points

in order to do a good job in social networks, we must seize the pain points of users, so as to play a social network explosion spread effect. Darry Ring for the wedding brand, and now the wedding jewelry market competition is fierce, want to let oneself get market recognition of love, must be able to remember the pain. Let’s take a look at the past few years, the diamond brand which advertising language.

is one of the most famous 1951, De Beers JWT is designed "a diamond is forever, forever", the slogan has become a classic diamond brand. Then, there are many similar slogans, such as "my heart like a rock, specially for you forever", "eternal witness of love, love in a drill, the origin of life" and so on, you can clearly feel the brand slogan similar, are combined with love, forever, diamond the three point, but one of the most prominent place is a diamond.

in fact, Diamond Wedding Accessory itself is just past the brand theme too prominent diamond and seize the love, and indirectly for consumers under the definition of "Diamond equals love". Such violent means in the past, but also relatively easy to use, but now after 90 to become the main consumer of diamond rings, this group is full of personality, love network, growing up in the information under the bombing of consumer groups, mostly no longer ignore those formulaic advertising language.

The rise of

emerging consumer groups, to brand new opportunities, it can be said that the Darry Ring guide 90 pain point, a man with ID cards can only customize a life "as the pain point, by the 90 who sought. We see, Darry Ring of the advertising language, not prominent diamond direct, but about the "identity card", "life can only be a custom", has not spread in the diamond body, but more highly target consumers for love only dedicated attitude, to guide young people love culture, culture life true love only love values.

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