LNE tasted the sweetness of flash will continue to penetrate the market in Hongkong ndonesia

August 5th Focus Taiwan news, according to Taiwan media reports, the current rapid development of Japan’s LINE chat application will continue after Taiwan, promote the flash sales business in Southeast Asia, continue to force the mobile side of electronic commerce.

LINE insiders, LINE plans in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong and Singapore launched flash purchase business, but did not disclose the specific development plan. It is understood that LINE in Thailand last year to carry out a flash purchase business, and in June this year, when the Taiwan area has also begun a flash purchase business, through the application of mobile shopping chat market occupied.

has been carried out in the area of LINE flash purchase business users, only need to purchase the official LINE flash account Line Flash Sale added to the buddy list, you will receive the LINE platform to send shopping information.

according to LINE revealed that the data show that in the last year, Thailand LINE flash purchase activities, 22 million LINE users have participated in the flash purchase. LINE also revealed that an average of 20 seconds will produce an order, even at the peak of the time to reach the same time shopping for 20000 people.

in addition to flash purchase business, LINE also carried out other types of sales activities, in April this year, when it first opened in Singapore pop up stores. Pop-up Store in the overseas retail industry, especially in the fashion industry is very common, it is defined as the creative marketing model combined with the new retail store formats, can be understood as a short-term fashion fashion shop.


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