Look at the domestic C2C B2C status from Ma’s frustration

for the network and selling behavior recently for CCTV exposure, Taobao will be implicated to the responsibility. Mister Ali Ma recently publicly responded to accusations of fraud for Taobao, said Ma and his helpless, as Taobao online shopping platform, provides a platform for both parties, from the technology and capability, should not be the sole regulatory responsibility. Let me see the reality of life in the fakes from birth, although the relevant departments also again strengthen the crackdown, in fact, did not work.

actually is a fake, because there is a market, it is because there is a market demand, so we have fought people through illegal means of profiteering benefit. While the national income inequality caused by different levels of consumption, and to brand has to face, vanity and between genuine and fake so-called high imitation was also known as stately debut, and all. It can be said that rampant fakes from consumer demand. If you want to completely eradicate fakes, I am afraid that only from the consumer mentality and ability to proceed, that is, at this stage, unless you are the same income, can afford to buy authentic; or, that is authentic Chinese cabbage price. One can imagine that this is impossible. So, for the requirements of Taobao no fakes, or for the full responsibility of the fake is not justified.

for the entire market, today’s market segmentation has become increasingly sharp, C2C, the main mode of domestic e-commerce B2C, B2B share in the market has begun to gradually change.

According to

‘s latest release of the third quarter of 2010, China’s online shopping market monitoring data show that: in the third quarter of 2010, China’s online shopping market orders up to 380 million single orders, and steady growth. B2C market conversion rate of 2.7%, the trend is slightly higher.

as a solid foundation for the domestic e-commerce play, foster the consumption habits of C2C, in the conversion rate has begun to decline, on the one hand, compared with C2C, B2C more service and quality assurance, and for users gradually attach importance to the network rights point of view, B2C’s product can give consumers confidence. And recently, B2C site Mcglaughlin and Dangdang landing is to bring a new investment boom in the domestic market, driven by consumer goods consumer index.


so, for Ma, from the preparation of Taobao mall plan to now Taobao mall fiery, Taobao Fengyun four. Taobao increasingly questioned the regulation of goods, and the pressure is also concentrated here. Now Taobao for fake can do, because of the huge data, fake wantonly led to it. From this point of view, Ma decided to choose Taobao mall independent domain name is a long-term plan. As for the future of Taobao, the author expressed concern about Taobao, if the seller can not self-discipline, while Taobao’s strategy can not meet consumer demands more and more, one day, Taobao Ali became chicken ribs, a "fake it, Ma is good!! Lao Tzu do C>

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