Surprise again and again to open the pig CMS WeChat event to receive push interface

long ago Xiaobian to spoilers pig CMS marketing platform in the direction of the road, more WeChat interface have been rushing to the. So today, the first to reach the hands of the user is – WeChat receive event push interface.


first popular science: what is the event to receive


in the number of users and the public interact in the process of operation, some users will make WeChat server push through the event in the form of notice to the developer in the developer center arranged at the address of the server, so that developers can access to the information.

For example,

users attention / take off, click on the number of public business business custom menus, scanning the two-dimensional code, the business allows businesses to get the user location operations required to receive the event WeChat push interface.

pig CMS micro marketing platform has been opened access_token, web interface, today, WeChat receives the event push interface, has also been open. There is a need for small partners, can be directly from the pig CMS micro marketing platform for the call can be.

docking with other systems and platforms, or for the two development of the use of CMS can easily serve piglets. This is also an important indicator of the pig CMS micro marketing platform is gradually opening up.

on how to get and use the interface, you can consult our online customer service QQ:800022936, the first time to seek professional help. Small series of IQ once again offline ~ ~ is actually lazy)

pig CMS more open, platform marketing platform will help you in the micro marketing road, the operation is more flexible, convenient and efficient.

Please look forward to

CMS as we give pig more surprises! (for more information please visit the official website of CMS pig / service hotline: 400-893-5552 enterprise QQ 800022936 micro signal: pigcms micro-blog: CMS- pig across Hefei)

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