The effective use of skills under a military a hotly contested spot of Taobao wireless terminal


PC end of the market, has been killed in all walks of life, each category; utterly routed; have circled their users, viscous habits of their customers; in time and wealth and professional support, and small shop owners, it is a little Alexander, the wireless terminal more and more hot, the wireless terminal occupy people most of the time the debris, is undoubtedly a hot, hot and we want to quickly seize the market high, and you are not ready?


wireless terminal, more so; and PC client user browsing habits, different ways of doing business in marketing; ranging from 4-9 inch on the small screen, it is not simply the PC end of the routine moving down is good, more than just a small series of sentiment, seemingly made of waste words the wrong, do not blame.

not much said, went straight to the theme.

1, wireless trend;

is not the main, but has been the main reserve potential; other are false, how many people, how much time is fundamental; the huge population base, huge sticky, everything is possible;

Wireless traffic

many shops has reached a total of about 30% store traffic (note the average); while Taobao inside standard ratio has reached 40%; the mobile terminal questioned, but this is not the point, no ground for blame, the focus is on the current popularity, people here, how can we use it more efficiently, it is the most practical, the most critical.

money, there is hope of making money is king.

2, how to use


A, mobile phone exclusive price;

to talk about the benefits of it, unless can give products in the wireless terminal and the weight, but also can improve the display priority; conversion rate; then flow transconductance, ensure the rational use of each flow;

how to set the specific operation of mobile phone price?

path: Tmall back to the marketing center Tmall marketing tools – special treasure

note: the lowest discount amount to 70 percent off; and the mobile phone exclusive price and micro Amoy fans exclusive price, the two can choose one; small micro Amoy feel half a waste, compared with Taobao’s wireless fairly good momentum.

B, how to adapt to small screen browsing? How to shop for wireless end and details of the decoration?

note here is the length of the size of the page, on the PC side, even if you are too long, the content is too large; for example, more than and 10 screen, high-definition picture page add up to several M; as long as the customer good speed, all of these can be ignored and even tolerate; although the speed difference is fast jump point X lost not so big, but the proportion of


but in the wireless side, especially mobile phones; most of the time is in the outdoors, no WIFF, China’s domestic wireless traffic, there is no pit father said

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