Jingdong online super meet one stop shopping standards

May 6th, Jingdong super channel line, which is a face of money or to the user proposition. Although the line was more than a week, but for this problem, Jingdong has seen very clearly. Liu Fang, vice president and general manager of the general manager of the Department of general merchandise, said, in the past, the user may be a half a year to Jingdong, the super category on the line, I hope the user will come several times a week."

"We want users to

on-line a week to"

May 3rd, Jingdong super channel started trial operation on the first category of about 5000 species, mainly including groceries, daily chemical, leisure products, such as pure water, grain and oil, beer and other drinks, usually covered by Jingdong logistics area, users can on-line consumption.

about last May, we began to discuss the formation of the problem, from the discussion of the project to the specific on-line, spent almost a year." Liu Fang recalls. Now the channel has been covered under the supermarket thermostat category, and is expected to start in the second half of Beijing, to enter the field of cold chain.

Since the new

channel line, the daily growth rate of about 35% orders for the user orders, the average number of orders has improved. Before the super line, the average number of goods an order of about 1.7-1.9 pieces, in May 9th when the growth of 2.4-2.5 pieces.

Liu Fang said that now the majority of orders from old customers, the current channel is doing a background test, there is no significant entrance on the home page, only familiar with the framework of the old customers to find."

order quantity and repeat purchase rate…… Liu Fang sees these indicators very seriously. One of the aims of the super category is to increase user stickiness." Liu Fang said that before the user may purchase 3C products, will be visited only once a year, but the business may be more than a week after the super channel access.

operating costs, I still feel that the user needs

Jingdong registered quality membership number has more than 100 million, every day there are a large number of users on the Jingdong page search for pure water and other super goods, but before we do not have proprietary goods. Jingdong adhering to the "customer first" philosophy, in order to meet the one-stop shopping needs of consumers, we have been committed to the development of a wealth of commodity categories, so the on-line nature of the business was put on the agenda." Liu Fang said.

in fact super product operation complexity is high, super many products in different places have different suppliers to do, like pure water products, is not possible from Beijing to Guangzhou, so the Jingdong must find local suppliers from different regions. Secondly, the price is lower than the category, logistics costs are higher, many third party sellers can not afford the cost of delivery. So the current 5000 kinds of super categories, all Jingdong self.

Jingdong distribution policies is now "free shipping over 39 yuan, in order the quantity of goods not rising, 39 yuan of goods really hard material > Maori stalls

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