China has become the United States the United States and the second largest online shopping destina

[Abstract] is expected in 2018, cross-border mobile shopping scale will turn three times, more than $100 billion.


Tencent with Amazon and national electricity supplier giant multinational development, cross-border online shopping is becoming more and more common, especially in many Chinese online shopping family, have launched overseas Commission, the recent favorable policies, will achieve China users directly to online shopping America Mason.

global cross-border electricity supplier, has developed to a level and status?

recently, mobile payment company PayPal, has released a survey commissioned by the Nielsen Co global cross-border online shopping market report, the report shows, the most popular cross-border online shopping commodity category of clothing and shoes clothing, followed by health and beauty products. In addition, in 2013, the number of mainland China Sea Amoy population has reached 18 million people.


report of Nelson, mainly investigates the following six markets: the United States, Britain, Germany, Brazil, Australia and Chinese, polled 6000 consumers in the past year there have been cross-border online shopping behavior.

reported that in the six countries, the number of cross-border online shopping crowd, reaching 94 million people, these people this year, the total cost of online shopping reached $105 billion.

according to the traditional point of view, the reason why people go abroad to buy online, is hoping to get a cheaper price of the same commodity. But the PayPal report shows that in the pursuit of price advantage for cross-border online shopping, accounted for only 1/4, more cross-border online shopping family, is hoping to find more rare commodity in foreign website, seeking a more unique online shopping experience.

According to the investigation of the six

, cross-border online shopping the most popular commodity categories, followed by clothing and shoes, beauty and health care, consumer electronics, computer hardware, household appliances, jewelry watches.

in the United States, China and Germany, users like to go abroad to buy health and beauty products, because the online international market can be better than local shopping malls to meet their needs.

cross-border online shopping family, how to pay for the survey, the most popular means of cross-border payment is PayPal, coverage of more than 80%. PayPal coverage, ranking second of the payment instruments, double.

is said to be the first choice when choosing cross-border online shopping payment instruments.

PayPal this report also reveals some of the Chinese sea Amoy family.

it is estimated that in 2013, China’s sea Amoy family size has reached 18 million people, overseas shopping expenses up to $213 billion 600 million. It is predicted that by 2018, China’s sea Amoy family, the number will reach 35 million 600 thousand people, sea Amoy scale will reach RMB 1 trillion yuan.

according to relevant data, 2013, China

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