What to save your good webmaster


brothers, we dream of kindness, realize their ideals, to live a worthwhile point, not to face the boss all day no longer faces, it is by their own hands, to earn enough money to make their parents love have a rich life, we choose to stand long this "sacred" occupation.

the gap between the ideal and reality is beyond our expectation! Our efforts, we insist, we complain, we are the rising flow of joy, but, pay and reward is not fair to us, it is not proportional, so we have no harvest! Two years ago, is equal to the flow now the money flow and income are not equal. You can see me these two stations (www.qqsucai.com.cn) and (www.motoluola.net), due to hang up the alliance advertising disappointment, the total ad removal. We click on the GG is all super low price, single click 0.01. We do show, the first video crazy deduction, refused to pay commission, just give us a traffic anomaly is an answer. Do ya referral, saying that our registered users are not active, refused to pay. We do click on the images, Tai Chi chain crazy horse. Sell advertising, advertisement of the mom put on many days with links to show No one shows any interest in advertising, and also affect the web access speed. And we hate pop and horse. What do we do? How can be not affected by the alliance and the engine control


here is my personal opinion, your criticism for, I will accept and learn from you in the comments below.

personally think that if we can in time to build the site, consider the space and development prospects, the best online and offline business go hand in hand, perhaps to a website can bring unexpected development prospect. Then, pay attention to their own cultural sites, do not just look at the big and full, because we are a grassroots webmaster, the ability of energy is limited, do not may be counterproductive. Admin5 and behind, we often go to the station and other places, all the advertisements are taking the initiative to find the release, and the price is not expensive, why we can’t do it, refuse to union, peace of mind to do their own website, do their own user resource


above are personal point of view, please criticize me.

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