Huang look at the electricity supplier acquisitions to three electricity supplier BAT

the Internet is always confusion, the BAT firmly occupy a field, relying on years of accumulation and industry status, play a game of capital hair get out of hand. You contend for me to catch up with the lively, but also the source of Internet impatience. The emergence of the mobile Internet giants are aware may be subverted, for the position last ditch.

The new

column, Huang first look at the electricity supplier.

recently, the capital circle, electricity supplier circle boiling again and again. A few days ago, Baidu came to the acquisition of shares or, and nearly two days is the spread of Tencent shares of the Jingdong, Ali shares 360 two blockbuster news. This paper interpret for you under the situation.

(1) Ali dominance gives BT division of the world

electricity supplier in the field, has been the world of Alibaba, firmly occupy more than 80% of the share, while the following year old second Jingdong mall, followed by dangdang. Three enterprises in the current electricity supplier in the field consisting of: Ali, Jingdong, Dangdang, Baidu shares came to, then the remaining natural not resigned to playing second fiddle. Jingdong intends to do joint, will not choose Ali, it is not wearing a pair of pants Dangdang, then in the top Internet circles which only Tencent optional. But it is unrequited love or good, just adjust the Tencent fast position, for the shares of the Jingdong may lack of interest, the final estimates cannot be successfully shares, is too high for the reason of Jingdong.

another 360 of the more interesting, the first 360 with Baidu has always been the enemy, and with the Tencent 3Q war has always been there, so the choice of objects only Ali, Ali, the other view is the lack of a search tool, which shares 360 will take the short board filled, so was the capital circle or the media circle crazy.

property of Baidu and Tencent have electricity supplier with the search, so Ali shares 360 to fill the vacancy; and Ali has the absolute position in the electricity supplier, Baidu and Tencent to split the world and Jingdong borrow Dangdang hand, and Baidu can invest, for Baidu is a means of promoting business acumen. Tencent shares of the Jingdong, fast and easy combination with Jingdong.

from last year, BAT Internet top three players play capital game. BAT three acquisition or share information behind the freedom of its truth, but the truth has yet to be opened. This is Huang, if not third, not only some twists and turns yellow, is Dangdang shares or the acquisition of Jingdong, the price is too high.

(two) who is the mastermind of T or


from the current point of view, some people think that is because the Jingdong is starring Jingdong in 2014 five strategies: the first is the mobile and big data technology two, second financial business, third is the O 2O service, the fourth is the channel sink, the fifth is international. From the five strategic point of view, no capital dynamics, that is to say to me or have been thinking about sources of capital, and another reason is the Jingdong listed on the pace, must.

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