Alibaba fortune curse the latest on line

thank you for your support for the alliance! This month the new Alibaba to click on ads. As follows:


Alibaba ( is a global enterprise (B2B) e-commerce is a well-known brand, is the world’s leading international trade area, the most active online trading market and the merchant community.

a, promotion advantage

1, Alibaba strong brand and strength advantages, reliable and stable data, long-term, stable performance.

2, advertising activities, materials can be optimized and updated according to feedback.

3, especially suitable for business, local, life and other sites.


requirements of the site content health, ranking is not limited. Note: when put in, should not be Ali’s advertising, and pornography, passion pictures placed together; also not in the exposed, sensitive content page, put on advertising. If found, according to the default treatment.

welcome you to participate actively, increase the intensity of investment, to get a higher commission!

if you have any other questions, please contact customer service QQ:331362639 or submit "online Q & a management". We will be happy to answer your questions!

more information as in the League:
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