The United States double 11 promotion strategy any other advertising offer low 11 yuan

NetEase Francisco October 28th news, Gome recently released a double 11 promotion strategy: consumers only with other businesses to offer any advertising GOME stores, Gome will be based on the advertising offer, at least drop 11 yuan to sell the goods.

said the United States, it is also for young consumers shopping habits, launched the WeChat card package coupons, 1 million yuan big run Gome taxi drops of red delivery and other measures, as long as consumers receive the United States in the WeChat platform WeChat card package, can be online, online and mobile terminal channels to use.

said the United States, the company expected three quarter net profit than the same period last year growth of more than 70%, and is expected to be the seven consecutive quarter of year-on-year growth, without the pressure of capital market and operating profit pressure, with a capital.

For the

distribution, the United States promised: if the goods are delivered and consumers agreed delivery time difference before and after two hours, on-site delivery personnel will pay 11 yuan; at the same time, the United States also promised to send installed sync, before and after more than 2 hours of installation, the United States promised to pay 11 yuan.

said the United States, in addition to the integration of logistics team to install their own, also strengthen the third party logistics and social cooperation; after years of development, the United States owned by 428 warehousing service center, 1 million 950 thousand square meters of storage area, the 600 city network, 15000 vehicles on vehicles with radiation composition of logistics system. At present in the 178 city achieved a day at the same time for Sanda, all electric demanding distribution requirements, set up a professional logistics team; at the same time, along with the rapid development of intelligent information technology, the United States of large data structures of intelligent warehouse system based on the massive user data as a starting point, through the ERP system to determine the consumption demand and stocking.

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