Shop selling pirated CDs were indicted Taobao jointly and severally liable

original price of 12700 yuan tutorial, Taobao only sell a few hundred dollars or even a few dollars. To this end, the development of the tutorial know money (Beijing) Financial Consulting Co., Ltd. (referred to as the money company) will sell pirated discs Taobao shop owner jointly with Zhejiang Taobao Network Co., Ltd. together on the court. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the money company was informed that it won in the first instance, the two defendants were sentenced. Currently, Taobao has appeal, the second trial is expected to be held next month.

deputy general Shouwei party money company, in 2009 the company developed the "three lines" stock investment system training course in May of the same year after another on-line sales of 12700 yuan each. But by the end of 2009, the company’s investigation found that hundreds of operators, including Taobao, including a number of websites to copy and sell the course, some prices only sell a few dollars.

"we have repeatedly communicate with Taobao, but the other side has always refused to shield keywords, resulting in the proliferation of violations." Fang Shouwei said, so the company selected a Taobao online caused due to the loss of over one hundred thousand yuan the seller Wang, Taobao joint company taken to court together.

this, Taobao argued that Taobao as a platform to provide only the information release network service provider, the information involved in the infringement is not known beforehand. After receiving notification of the company informed the money, the information involved in the release of the information provided by Wang and the infringement of the link provided by the company to do the removal of money, has done the statutory obligations.

Haidian court hearing that Wang without permission of the right person, through the sale of Taobao paid involved in the course, constitute infringement, Taobao should bear the corresponding responsibility.

According to

, the court of first instance verdict Wang compensation money company 20 thousand yuan, Taobao joint liability in the $10 thousand.

it is understood that Taobao has appealed. The case is expected to enter the second instance in March.


CD-ROM courses can still buy cheap

yesterday, reporters search many e-commerce service website, found that in addition to the three known money "courses, such as" new business at the Tsinghua University, New Horizon College English "CD on the Internet can buy at a low price.

in this regard, the national crackdown network management center director Jiang Hebao said, the center received consumer complaints last year, and more than 80% electronic commerce related. "Every day, received dozens of complaints about internet infringement, online shopping," however, Jiang Hebao admitted that the rights difficult, network service providers to shirk responsibility reasons generally as "not online trading participants, no ability to control the network information or without prior review obligations".

Jiang Hebao believes that rights difficult to derive from the current state of e-commerce legislation is still a blank. I hope to call on the state to increase investment in intellectual property rights protection, legislation as soon as possible, clear the role of network operators and rights and obligations." (reporter Liu Yang)

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