The United States force of e commerce 48 million holding Kuba shopping network

  Gome announced in November 22nd to invest 48 million yuan holding Kuba shopping network 80% stake in Gome vice president Mou Guixian served as chairman of kuba. The United States also revealed that it will launch its own online shopping platform early next year, the current preparatory work and system debugging and team building has been basically completed. State the name, to 2014, Gome e-commerce will reach 200-250 billion yuan scale, occupy Chinese B2C e-commerce market size 15%.

in June this year, Gome’s future plans for the next five years, e-commerce has been promoted to an important strategic height. The strategy of "holding Kuba shopping network is the first important step is the" force of electronic commerce Gome, Gome President Wang Junzhou said.

Kuba shopping network formerly known as century electrical network, founded in 2006. President Wang Zhiquan said Kuba Kuba, will reach ten billion sales target in 2014. Gome national entity stores more than 100 thousand kinds of home appliances will all enter the shopping network sales catalogue. At the same time, Gome will also Kuba shopping network provides nationwide logistics, customer service service, membership management and information processing such as full support.

competitor Suning launched in February this year, online sales platform. Su Ning, vice chairman Sun Weimin said, this year’s goal is 1 billion to 1 billion 500 million yuan. In addition, Taobao City, Jingdong mall, the new seven day electrical network and many other competitors in the online shopping market continued to force.

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