Alipay and YAHOO in the MA in the middle of how it

through June 2009 and August 2010 two transfer, Alipay owned controlling shareholder is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alipaye-commercecorp group by the Alibaba (hereinafter referred to as Alipay, registered in the Cayman Islands), has become the Zhejiang Alibaba business Limited (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang Alibaba). The total value of the two transaction price of about RMB 330 million yuan.

In May 12th 7.28% YAHOO shares fell

news, Alipay is really "stolen" Ma Yishouzhetian? YAHOO executives said they did not know, Wall Street investors angry. News spread to the country, the domestic business leaders agreed that Ma violated the spirit of contract. In discussing this issue, there are three facts that need to be identified. Alipay first transfer is the objective result of national monetary policy? Secondly, Softbank YAHOO shareholders informed? Third with 330 million Ma with a $10 billion in the Alipay direct.

state behavior, Ma was forced to perform only

at the end of 2010, Ali data released by Alipay users up to 370 million, Alipay in the Ali group position is extremely important, it provides payment services for the Ali group’s B2B and B2C business, Taobao 100% transactions through alipay. Analysys International released a report in 2010 China, the third party payment market transactions amounted to 11324 yuan, Alipay accounted for half of the country with a share of 49%. Alipay has been involved in national security of financial information, the new financial policies, to get paid a license from Alipay to force ali.

so Ma should have told the board of directors of Alibaba, YAHOO is aware of, but YAHOO did not explicitly agree, but to take a delay and vague strategy to shirk the responsibility of the future. Because he knew that if the opposition, Alipay may be kicked out, then the Taobao system, it is obviously not possible without Alipay, don’t stop, just a few days to suspend trading, it is also a devastating blow. In fact, YAHOO is the default.

YAHOO unscrupulous, knowingly do not notice


will get a license, to let Alipay from YAHOO. Why YAHOO and YAHOO apparently do not know this announcement, Alipay clearly changes apparently China government financial policy, and then the strategy is clearly want to anger the Wall Street, enraged American media and the public, put pressure on the White House, to face to solve stock right dispute. Let the White House, and even members of Congress to negotiate, get a higher bargaining chip, loss compensation.

what is it? Not from Alipay Ali, Ma and their executives want to take the Alipay, but the national financial policy led to the. Taobao may not be a day without Alipay, Ma will be transferred out of Alipay Ali, YAHOO and Softbank Sun Zhengyi is told in advance. But YAHOO and Softbank shareholders think Alipay is undervalued, and that Alipay is the most valuable asset, finally did not promise Ma out, but.

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