Small network operators 2012 is the opportunity or not

2011 came into contact with many small sellers, like little worry more, encounter all sorts of difficulties in the development of many small network operators: supply control, product design, brand marketing, traffic cost, internal management and so on, almost every difficulty can be brought down a number of small and medium business. From the entire market competition, this may be a normal reaction rate of 28, regardless of online and offline, to become bigger and stronger enterprises are always a minority. But see those who worked hard all the year round network do more and more tired, especially some of their friends, always feel not the taste.

in this year, I feel the small business faces three prominent problems: supply chain control, brand positioning and marketing, customer service and maintenance.

1, supply chain control: the core is the source of goods, including product differentiation, product cost advantage, product production efficiency. Products have no difference, will face a lot of competition of homogeneous products; products have no cost advantage, a price war opponent confusion; no product production efficiency, means, or take a stocking or risking inventory backlog risk, lack of risk out of stock.

2, brand positioning and marketing: a few days before Christmas, God carved two hard wide, one of which is the "egg" funny and creative, the other is a conventional idea, has not seen the small, you can take a look. Later found that both click is 4 times the accident even carved God shouted, this value, marketing is the creative value. A hard wide picture design, but also brand marketing tactics, the more difficult is the marketing strategy formulation, is your brand is what kind of positioning.

I and many of my friends in the exchange of brand positioning cited example, what is the brand? Like people, have their own personality and style, you will love to say something, watching some movies, wear some clothes, this is like the same brand, are you the one thing. You young people in the spring, not because of the sudden fall of literature and art, to the winter suddenly 2B. If a person suddenly and suddenly the ordinary 2B, it can be frustrating to be SB far away. Brand is also the case, you have to choose something, and then give up a lot of things. But to do this in a small network operators only less than 10%. There are 30% small network operators, is know to choose some things, but still can not give up a lot of things. More of the remaining 60%, even the choice of what some things are not clear, to do which.

3, customer service and maintenance: customer service, this seems to be the easiest thing to do, but in fact the most difficult to do. Why sea fishing is difficult to replicate, because Hot pot delicious to hard copy? Service is difficult, is that it does not like the product with a machine copy, it must provide to people, rather than copy copy product is more difficult. Small network operators boss of the service without profound knowledge, oneself cannot do well, do not want to copy the standard, so difficult. Since it can not be standardized, it can

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