Two big Taobao shopping you encountered

not long ago, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced in the first quarter of this year, the national industrial and commercial administrative organs to receive consumer complaints and reports, consulting a total of 1 million 701 thousand, an increase of 18.7%, including complaints online shopping number grew 174.4%, the fastest growth rate. How the specific circumstances of Hangzhou? The evening news reporter consulted the Hangzhou District of Yuhang city market supervisory authority (hereinafter referred to as Yuhang branch), the growth rate of online shopping complaints are also amazing, including Taobao Tmall’s complaints grew 82.9%.

in accordance with the provisions of the territory, the majority of online shopping disputes arising on Taobao will complain to us. And we get the case, have generally been ‘upgraded version’, because before this, a lot of simple disputes have been handled by the Taobao platform or consumer protection committee. But the ‘upgraded version’ of the number of complaints is still a lot, involving a wide range." Online shopping complaints which belongs to the case of persistent problems? Yuhang branch relevant responsible person analyzed and interpreted.

case 1: complaints about the quality of goods

buyers: your product quality is not qualified

: the Seller shall prevail

Words alone are no proof. detection

consumers Miss Wang bought a 398 yuan clothes in the Taobao online, receive the clothes after trying on clothes feel the smell, this dress is suspected to have quality problems, and then complain to the business sector, require businesses to refund and compensation. But they insisted that the clothes have certificates, the quality is no problem, that consumers must check the report Words alone are no proof., the relevant departments of the.

interpretation: Industrial and commercial administrative departments in the admissibility of similar consumer disputes, consumers often need to provide clear evidence. If consumers can not proof, certificate of origin and channels of similar goods and the operator can provide the dress, so the leading position of the business sector is relatively weak, the probability of success is not the mediation.

solution: first, specific law gives the consumer goods online shopping regret right, ordinary clothing in the scope of seven days no reason to return ", consumer subjective judgment, do not want the goods, in the case of non use, may require no reason to return in seven days after the receipt of goods, can guarantee the basic money but in part, freight borne by consumers; second, if consumers insist that the goods have quality problems, can be detected, the detection of substandard goods report submitted to the platform or the business sector. In this case, consumers can not only protect the basic payment, but also to get three times the payment of compensation (less than $500 to $500).


case two: Complaints merchants do not ship

buyers: do not ship, you are cheating

seller: hand wrong wrong price, you can refund

consumer Mr. Jiang spent ten yuan on Taobao to buy a car seat

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