Where the customer reflects the promise and then deny in succession development ideas for how to

this morning newspaper, accidentally discovered in the news, the content is roughly where the customer is low-key promote platform process, in its own brand sales platform to diversify development. Like some of the Amoy brand, such as starry, seven princess, electric grid have quietly settled in the platform where the customer. To see this, I can not help but think of the end of 2012 Vintage for public commitment, that is where the customer will gradually abandon the platform, and instead invest in brand building. But now a series of practices with his original oath on the contrary, which is what kind of mystery?

as a guest to its own brand started electricity supplier company, the development process is quite bumpy. Until the fourth quarter of last year to achieve the first profit settlement. In 2013, where the customer is called out the slogan of the annual profit. Is a good idea, but the problem left to the market where customers are, therefore we want to realize their lofty ideals and high aspirations, some problems still need to face and solve.

how to solve the initial

if we really want to pick up the development of the platform, so the beginning of the acquisition may have a clearer explanation. As a guest home team and the establishment of the brand, the first moment give you the impression and where the customer is similar. And the recent acquisitions and integration of resources, then let us see where the diversified development tendency, then a real problem is placed in front of every guest, it is the first moment after the acquisition of the

how to solve it?

some friends will say, we will re planning the beginning of business, and then integrated into their own V+ brand, but also some friends said that the first moment will run independently for a test where the customer diversification. Taken together, the second assumptions are now more reliable. For every guest, also from the beginning of the customized and humane way of culture, which for all passengers, is an extension of the corporate culture, if the initial moment redefined, inevitably lose has accumulated by the user resources, and where the customer is not a good thing at the moment. Of course, this is not important, important is we have to focus on the diversified development of the.

diversified development or market forces

mall Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong had said that the future of China’s electricity supplier industry is only two models to survive, one is a very strong vertical electricity supplier brand, and the other is the platform. If Liu said is true, now where the customer is at the crossroads of development, because although the data from the point of view, the domestic garment industry, where customers ranked second to 7.3%, the performance is pretty good, but only where the customer is the focus in the garment industry, obviously not, do big business old dream, to old the customer made a comprehensive brand mall, similar to the next line of Suning and Gome like, if according to this idea to do so, we must gradually weaken its own brand of funds, turned to diversification, because you can say that the Internet is a big data era, enterprises will be bigger if you want to strong, set up the big data advantage is the only way which must be passed.

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