Solutions to several key problems of B2C mall

these days there are a few friends to do B2C mall to find me, together with each other to do the exchange of some of the B2C mall experience skills, here to discuss a few key issues do share.

is a first source, B2C mall source, if it is fast consumable, can sell directly to consider, after all, this type of product or service provided by the agency more. Looking for the method is basically in Taobao, and Alibaba above to find. In the search for Taobao products is generally a direct search for the product name, and then according to the price from low to high order can be found to do wholesale, as well as consignment. Alibaba is basically the same way to find, you need to pay attention to find the enterprise must be joined the integrity of the enterprise, which is very important to us, can be avoided to the greatest extent deceived.

another source of ideas is to do a large B2C integrated mall, similar to the current Dangdang, Jingdong mall, the idea is to directly copy their products, sales. Delivery is the use of their alliance system, such as the Jingdong’s alliance, as long as we apply after orders through their own promotion links, we can get the Commission, if the amount can be up, is also a good business.

in addition to the supply problem outside a shopping mall on the line, the promotion, the flow is also good, but the turnover rate is very low, this problem is generally mall to customer trust is strong, and the temptation of big enough.

anyone to buy things are most concerned about is a credibility, such as Taobao’s reputation is one of the best examples, so if we want to improve the turnover rate of one of the most urgent is to let the customer in the first time for us to generate trust, this can be enhanced by some way.

For example,

phone 400, although the 400 phone often exposed as a fraud cheat tool, but for many people, there is still great credibility in the hearts of many people, 400 phone is representative of large enterprises. Can also be through zero risk commitment to 30 days no reason to return service, to dispel the concerns of customers.

Is the use of

in a certain psychological reaction to enhance trust, such as products for, if we are the agent of others products, this product is very famous as the bridegroom’s dress, if we compare the prominent parts of website written on the bridegroom’s dress network exclusive agency. For many people, you have a credibility on this site, after all, in the subconscious will think that you can get the exclusive rights of the groom dress, it is very powerful. If it is not very high visibility products, such as some brand-name clothing, we can compare the prominent parts of website written on its own brand, it also can effectively improve the reliability of the website, in the subconscious, a brand has its own website is very powerful.

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