Coach net loss of luxury grafting electricity supplier looks very beautiful

luxury and e-commerce marriage never seems to have not so happy.

in mid June, there are those who broke the news revealed that the company had previously opened Coach Tmall mall flagship store operating dismal, for the first time in a month to test the water did not sell any one product.

even so, Coach International President Victor · Lewis (Victor Luis) revealed to reporters in an interview, the Coach plan will be officially launched their business in the next 1 years to 1 and a half years.

as the first attempt to eat electricity supplier this crab luxury company, Coach’s electricity supplier strategy has aroused great concern in the industry, but its test results attracted widespread questioning in the industry. Some people think that in China, trying to carry electricity supplier luxury marketing model may not work at all.

but Coach China Public Relations Department, a person denied to this reporter said that the rumors about Coach electricity supplier business zero volume of the message is not accurate, the first trial business is a transaction. However, these people are not willing to disclose their specific volume and transaction amount.

ideal fullness, the reality skinny

according to Coach official introduction, in December 12th last year to the period of, Coach and Tmall mall cooperation, opened its first luxury online flagship store in china. Online flagship store in the product price and the same line, while there will be a small number of exclusive products for Tmall mall. Due to the particularity of luxury operations, its operations team is responsible for the management of their own customer service team Coach.

Coach brand spirit is the pursuit of diversity, explore the possibilities and opportunities of different channels, so we attach great importance to the influence of the electricity supplier." Victor · Lewis told reporters.

received a total of 3 million 500 thousand hits our online flagship store in four weeks, this attempt not only help us to enhance the brand awareness in the target consumer group, and makes us successful collection of instant online consumer comments, feedback and suggestions." Turning to Coach for the first time to test the water performance, Victor · Lewis did not reveal any disappointment or dissatisfaction.

Coach Chinese president and CEO Serig (Jonathan Seliger) also said that this new online store will help Coach to understand the domestic online shopping customer needs and preferences, and accumulated valuable experience in the field of electronic commerce China, prepare for the future in the open market Coach China online sales channel long-term.

but whether it is the International Department of Coach or China, there is no problem in the volume of this transaction to any positive response to this reporter.

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