SNS war triggered by a domain name

Thousand Oaks domain name refers to happy net

tells you that you may not know the key to success

network era, the domain name contains the first dimension, brand image, cultural concepts and other tangible and intangible value is increasingly prominent. To some extent, the domain name is good or bad about the future of the site, affecting the development of the site. We can no longer ignore the importance of domain names.

recently, the domain name on the Internet to be in full swing. Why is this, because the happy net hot network, focus of the eye. Because of the very influential happy net has only a domain name, is not the owner of This is the right to hide the happy network, a war caused by inevitable. domain involved three striking one snag after another. First dating site purchased from a foreign domain name, and now has thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands of school network oak Chen Yizhou purchase. The industry had been rumored will enter an anonymous dating website, now to thousand oaks, Thousand Oaks is directly to the school or to form a brand, we also can make nothing of it. But it is certain that, from the current visit to open the site to see a similar layout with the point of view, involved in SNS no doubt. domain name three of the race, of course, reflects the value of the domain itself, more importantly, reflects the fierce competition of hot SNS. In the era of network relations, the social needs of Internet users to stimulate and burst, due to the needs of Internet users Youtube fire, Facebook fire, happy net fire, school network fire, 9158 fire…… Whether it is blindly imitation or integration of innovative SNS sites are in full swing.

in the outbreak of the SNS market, there must be a process from chaos to clear development, but also accompanied by the same level of competition to the heterogeneity of the process of competition. No matter how we accuse the domestic SNS network is how to copy the foreign in place, one thing can not be denied is that these hot SNS sites in fact still have a different positioning and unique features. Happy network, campus network, although the 9158 are doing SNS, but in their respective market segments and has a good effect in cultivating Internet users. Happy net is located in the urban white-collar workers, white-collar workers to provide a release of pressure, relieve the mood of the network platform; campus network, is a high school friends of the park, the target group student class; 9158 of the population is universal, is the entertainment world population dating.

SNS site in the end is the real name is good or anonymous, in fact, there is no need to argue. Because the network real name system has not been enforced at the institutional level in the context of the network, real name and

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