Cross border electricity supplier business for Amazon China brings two opportunities

[Abstract] Amazon is still looking at two other opportunities in China: first, the e-reader Kindle. Two is to provide distribution services to the third party.

Tencent science Ji Zhenyu July 17th Silicon Valley report

"my answer was 60 minutes ago." In response to the media about the last time you and Bezos to explore China’s business is the time of the problem, Amazon global senior vice president Diego · (Diego) (Piacentini) to answer.

China has undoubtedly become the core of the world’s first electricity supplier business core, in 2015, Amazon ushered in second years in China for the past 10 years. In the first 10 years, Amazon has missed the first chair of the electricity supplier industry in Chinese, watched the rapid rise of China local electricity supplier.

"we used to increase investment in china." Piacentini said that Amazon is inadequate investment in the past in China regret, but this painful lesson at least let Amazon is no longer a mistake on the market in India: the Amazon to enter the India market with a $2 billion investment, quickly occupied the first electricity supplier in India in less than 2 years in the position.

The arrival of the era of cross-border electricity supplier

, so Amazon in China to see the second opportunity.


Chinese President Ge Daoyuan believes that cross-border competition in the electricity supplier will eventually return to the commercial nature – rich product selection, reliable quality, price transparency, stable and convenient cross-border delivery experience.

has the most abundant resources of international brand suppliers and global operations system of the Amazon, in the field of cross-border electricity supplier seems to have had the opportunity. Since the on-line overseas purchase products from November last year, Amazon has seen soaring sales figures China. Coupled with the further development of overseas direct mining business, Chinese consumers demand for product category richness and delivery needs to be met simultaneously.

but this opportunity the slightest mistake will transient. As a Alibaba, Jingdong as the representative of the local electricity supplier first Chinese group had already completed the primitive accumulation of capital and has in the field of cross-border electricity supplier rival Amazon such "international heavyweights" strength, and has begun the layout and force in the field of cross-border electricity supplier, compared with Mason, the same obvious advantages: the local culture, the local electricity supplier the dominant international logistics system, lack of brand supplier resources is weakness.

electricity supplier industry war has been burned to the field of cross-border electricity supplier, the "blue ocean" soon became the "Red Sea", the parties wrangling in the future is bound to become more intense.

cross-border electricity supplier trade for the Amazon to bring second times in China

, as if overnight, sea Amoy has become the tongue of Chinese people accustomed to idioms. With the development of cross-border trade, the increasing convenience of overseas tourism and the rapid development of the Internet and the electricity supplier industry, a large number of foreign high-quality goods constantly >

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